• 100% VOC free
  • No solvents or
    hazardous materials
  • Meets OH&S requirements
  • Up to 99% utilisation
    of paint
  • Lower carbon footprint compared to other
    surface coatings
  • Coating process time reduced from days to 3 ½minutes
  • One coat process
  • Shorter lead-times
  • No limitation to shape
    and edge profile
  • Envelope finish in a single production process
  • No drying – immediate package
  • Custom colour choice
  • Foils
  • Laminates
  • Traditional solvent based paints & lacquers



Indoor air is three times more polluted than outdoor air, and according to the EPA, is considered one of the top 5 hazards to human health. Paints and finishes are among the leading causes.

Paints and finishes release low level toxic emissions into the air for years after application. The source of these toxins is a variety of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which, until recently, were essential to the performance of the paint.

Powder coat has the following health benefits:
  • No delayed emissions causing health side effects
  • Reduced risk of sick building syndrome
  • Powder Paint contains no lead