Since the 70’s powder coating of metal based substrates has expanded its applications across thousands of products that you come in contact with every day. From bulldozers and chainsaws to your coffee machine and child’s baby seat, powder coating protects the roughest, toughest machinery as well as the many household items that you depend on daily.

The result of choosing a powder coated product is that it will have an attractive, durable, high-quality finish, whilst at the same time leading the market for environmental advantages compared to solvent based liquid systems.

The powder coating process itself offers many advantages for metallic products that can withstand high processing temperatures up to 210°C. Until recently powder coating of wood based materials has been limited due to elevated process temperatures and extended drying times. The real challenge was to adapt the process advantages of powder coating and develop a new concept suitable for wood based materials requiring drastic reductions in process times and temperature.

The team behind Viridi have developed new process technology to adapt powder coating paint suitable for heat sensitive substrates such as MDF and Plywood. Using state of the art process technology based around Infra-Red “IRM” and Ultra-Violet “UV” Radiation Curing Viridi is setting new world standards for a broad range of industry applications.

Viridi can now replace solvent based paints and PVC foils with a cost effective environmentally friendly alternative.